DH-OFEM gearless CI flexo printing machine

DH-OFEM gearless CI flexo printing machine
Product Details


1. FDS door system

Rigidstructure and simply operation

2.  Sleeve technology

Sleeve technology for both printing plate and anilox roller.

3.The printing units are anchored to the lateral frames byprecision linear guides on operation side, to ensure the proper rigiditynecessary to perform a high print quality. On the rear side, each unit isanchored by two linear guides, one located below and the other above, in orderto offer a solid supporting structure to the mandrels during the sleevesreplacement operations.

4. Printing unitpositioning system

  Auto positioning function for printingunit according to repeat length, positioning accuracy is 0.005mm

5. Pre-register system

Pre-register function to lower materialwaste.

6. Autosplicing unwinder and rewinder

Auto splicing unwinder and rewinder to increase productionefficiency

7.  Drying

  Electrical heater/gas/steam/hot oil

8.  Modular design

 Can be equipped with corona treatment, ink viscositycontrol, auto washing system, turn bar (4+4/8+8), second pass printing, qualitycontrol system etc.