Digital technology promotes the development of flexographic printing

Application of digital technology in the field before flexographic printing, as well as high-performance continuous improvement and development of digital flexo printing machine, flexo printing quality can reach the level of offset printing folding boxes, while costs are much lower.

The application of digital technology, promotes the development of flexographic printing technology, especially in the area of folding cartons, reel carton flexo printing is developing quite fast, more and more people are accepted and adopted, gradually replaced the single-sheet tray production momentum. New sleeve flexo printing technology breakthrough developments in control dot and dot gain significance in rates, greatly improved the quality of flexographic printing. New digital-type shaftless flexo production lines (no-shaft, no synchronous belt, no drum gear) into, and also to some extent promote the improvement of quality of flexographic printing. At present, the Conference and folding cartons of product quality has basically reached the most level of offset printing quality of the product.