Parse new digital print and electronic ink

Along with the network and digital printing technology, digital printing at home and abroad began to spread, and suitable for digital offset printing press used a new ink-e-ink has been used by men. Electronic ink containing electrically charged liquid ink particles, which make possible to control digital printing in the printing position of the particle. Electronic ink can achieve very small particles (1 μm ~2 μm), so that small particles can print up to a higher resolution and smooth, Sharpen edges, forming a very thin image layers. E-ink has occurred in the following areas.

(1) standard basic color CMYK;

(2) six-color setting increases the color field of Orange, purple, color reproduction is much higher than the existing four color reproduction based on color;

(3) and Indigo spot color Pantone compatible systems;

(4) colorless, opaque white of the printed material;