PDF printing needs to pay attention to some

Now with the increasingly sophisticated pre-printing digital process and improvement in commercial printing, an increasing number of manuscripts are received by the prepress Department electronic documents. These electronic documents to PDF files of the most common, it is a standard unit of stability of printing to its files. Of course publishing connection diagram the packaged files, such as founder Feiteng, Quark,Pagemaker,Indesign, and so on. In addition PS file format often encountered is printing the manuscript file. And often these electronic originals and some proofs with customers or sample copy. Generally speaking, printing prepress Department will sort into these different kinds of file formats suitable for our prepress processes commonly used file formats, such as PS or PDF file format, then by a prepress workstation, such as founder flows, standardization of printing, color conversion, trapping, layout, and finally Rip, and then published.

Customer originals, proofs and printing when color demands also to proofs, pre-press for electronic checks, becomes especially important. Now for the standard PDF or PS file, use the Prefight preflight check software, to trap files, image formats, trapping, fonts, image resolution, color profile, so that they can check to confirm that the file meets printing standards.