Principle of digital printing and print management and digital publishing base

Spoke with members more closely with digital printing, it is not a strength of the enterprise in the form of regulations on digital printing, business, legal, normative documents of the responsibility. This is print management since the enactment of the Ordinance, a relatively perfect regulations in the printing industry. In this regulation which break it? On printing enterprise's development have any help? From here we can see, it is a booster speed up our industrial restructuring and upgrading.

As we all know, Zhangjiang national publishing base, was set up in July of 2008, was established today, should say, learned a lot. Established two years Zhangjiang national publication base of various types of investments have more than 2.5 billion more. And has settled in a large number of well-known enterprises, including SAINT BARBARA and printing-related yaqiang, introduction of these companies is in line with three principles of digital publishing base and introduce a series of large companies, led to the construction project, build an integrated industry.

Is due to the principle of the three, so we are encouraging to see, 5 of them in two years, the company has received 6.8 million of capital funding. These five companies are printing group's digital publishing service platform; yachang art databases, digital graphic printing group of four reader system printing Co Ltd and Shanghai in the East to win great combination of Oriental screen printing and wireless video arm of the Shanghai press and publication of education and training center (RFID), and industrial applications in the publishing field. The five projects reached a total of 6.8 million of Government funds, and because of this funding also contributed to the social capital of 25 million injection of funding, Zhangjiang Hi-base.