Short analysis of digital printing applications

High-quality printing is to strengthen enterprise to communicate with users, an important means to improve the corporate image, many neglect details, such as the (printing efficiency, product brochures, training manuals), has become the product quality, increased customer satisfaction, and an important factor in improving the competitiveness of enterprises. They through professional of digital short version printing service institutions to meet itself on various file processing aspects of needs, from market development of angle starting, outsourcing service will is enterprise printing products needs of trend, through this species way, enterprise can will large of file and advertisement outsourcing to corresponding of service suppliers, to reduced its operation cost, enterprise using funds, concentrated is committed to itself of business, while more can from professional of suppliers that get quality, and efficient of printing products.

Digital printing application in major success

1, commercial printing applications: the short version, quick printing, tenders, VI manuals, product brochures,

2, postal customer application: direct mail, personalized postcards, personalized stamps.

3, publications printing applications: the short version of the book, proof copies and examination books, order books, reprint books, personal books, academic monographs.