Two challenges for digital printing

In the past whether car manufacturing or printing, publishing, all business models are output and then a lot of sales, produce a lot of products in the warehouse, and then to slowly sell. And now all this release has been a fundamental change, the first order for production, depending on the order personalized production. This also determines the printing particularly in the publishing industry will be a greater demand for digital printing, more and more pressing, it's digital printing in the printing of publications to encounter new opportunities.

On the, now we has can feel to digital printing face with increasingly big of market, main reflected in two a aspects, a is personalized of straight complex marketing, is DM (design management), but must to plus personalized, because now straight mail many, for many people personalized straight complex marketing may does not is a new of concept, now many advertising above are your name, but this not real meaning of straight complex marketing, because everyone got content are is as, just name, and address not as. Only when we each got something, not just names, addresses are not the same, also according to each person's preferences, showing different content, this is a personalized direct mail.

Another thing is the personalized printing your publication. Combination of digital publishing and traditional publishing, experts believe that in the future you can realize the true meaning of personalized books, the reader can customize their favorite books publishing and printing. Integration of digital publishing and traditional publishing, readers can through an online communities and social networks are more directly involved in the publishing process, content and creative contribution, this will reinterpret the publishing industry. For digital printing will also bring a new "Blue Ocean".