Money Print Two Color Offset Printing Machine

Basic Info


1. The Driven system is equipped with Advanced Frequency Speed-regulating System. The functions of forwards, backwards, low-speed run, constant velocity and braking are controlled by frequency converter. And the main motor is 4Kw Three-phase AC induction motor.

2. ETR(Electronic Thermal Relay) protect motors from overload.

3. Control circuit is controlled by PLC(Prorammable Logical Controller) and Electronic sheet alignment control. When pressing the button FEED, the press is running automatically according to procedures, and inspect if there are double sheets, no sheets and distorted sheets or not automatically.

4. Eccentric Swing-up gripper transfer system is equipped with the conjugate cam and the constant force device, which ensures to transfer sheets stably, accurately and reliably.

5. The pressure of Ink form rollers and water form rollers is adjusted by eccentric structure of worm and worm wheel, because of convenient operation.

6. The plate cylinder is equipped with a quick-action plate clamping system. It is easier and more convenient to install and remove plates.

7. The cams are designed and optimized through computer and machined on the NC machine tools.

8. The press is equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system of fixed point, fixed time and fixed quantity.

9. The interferences (faults) display on the control console. It is easier for operator to detect the interferences(faults) sources.

10. The feeder head is equipped with the patented rotary air distributing valve to clean the lint and dust out automatically.

Standard equipment
Standard equipment
Traditional ink ductor (adjust by manual)

Distributing roller phase adjustment by manual

Bearer by bearer

Quick clamp bar

Register in axial and circumferential direction

Mechanical powder sprayer

Lubrication like shower, partial thick lubrication

Ancillary Equipment:
Air pump

Air compressor