Offset Printing Machine Single Color

Offset Printing Machine Single Color

Offset Printing Machine Single Color:

1. Easy operation: Dampening, inking and pressing are operated by one handle at different level. The pressing cylinder on/off is controlled by Electric-Eye exactlyly and reliably.

2. Exact registration: Front paper stopper of registration, both side-pulled-paper stopper, paper feeding horizontal registration, paper feeding table slight adjustment, plate cylinder registration of up/down.

3. Dampening and inking separated: Dampening system is separated from inking system, which can adjust dampening and inking flexibly and content the requirement of different printing items for dampening and ink.

4. Presetted counter: This machine adopts electromagnetic presetted counter. If the quantited printing work finishes, the paper feeding stops automatically.

5. Double sheets detection: It can avoid the problem such as double sheets, paper overlap and non-stop.

6. The whole machine is controlled by PLC. There are functions such as auto press, auto stop while paper jam, powder jet, steps running forward and backward.

7. IIClass There are forme 3 inking rollers and 2 forme dampening rollers.