Printing Machine

Printing Machine Basic Info

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    easy to adjust 
Side guard fine-tuner, side pulling gauge fine-tuner, plate slope fine-tuner and topāŠ„ margin fine-tuner, make the adjustment process more convenient, rapider, and accurate. 
    Sensitive joint pressure
Sensitive joint pressure of printing cylinder is operated by elec-magnet controlled by photoelectric sensor which is more stable and reliable. 
    More suction nozzle
More sucks of pater are adapted for changing of paper size which can adjust suction mazzle without any tools.     

    Three ink one water

    Ink color more evenly, Netpoint clearer, full Color solid.
    Six open papers are appropriate for it.
    It has the function of numbering.
    Separate system between ink and water
Separating system between ink and water, adjustable volume of ink and water, making color printing uniform, point clear, full color solid.
     Cross feeding paper
Cross feeding paper, no swing and wrinkle of paper.
    Precise position
Precise position with front gauge and two-sides gyro-wheel pulling gauge. Overprint accurate.
    Easy to operate
Three gears of water feeding, ink-feeding, and joint pressure are operated easily by one handle.