Single Color Large Format Printing Machine

Single Color Large Format Printing Machine Basic Info

Single Color Large Format Printing Machine.jpg

The feeder

The feeder head is equipped with the patented rotary air distributing valve to clean the lint and dust out automatically.

Gripper structure

Eccentric swing-up gripper transfer system is equipped with the conjugate cam and the constant force device, which ensures to transfer sheets stably, accurately and reliably.

Printing unit

The surface on the impression cylinders is sprayed stainless steel so as to prolong press life better.

To change plate is controlled by program. It is easier and more convenient to install and remove plates.


Control circuit is controlled by PLC(Programmable Logical Controller) and electronic sheet alighment control.

The interfernces(faults) display on the control console. It is easier for operator to detect the interferences(faults) sources.

To inspect if there are double sheets, no sheets and distorted sheets or not automatically.