Single Color Offset Press with Numbering and Perforating

Basic Info

Used for test paper, documents, flyers, posters, bills, pressure-sensitive adhesive and concise photo album.


1. Easy operation: Dampening, inking and pressing are operated by one handle at different level. The pressing cylinder on/off is controlled by Electric-Eye exactlyly and reliably.

2. Exact registration: Front paper stopper of registration, both side-pulled-paper stopper, paper feeding horizontal registration, paper feeding table slight adjustment, plate cylinder registration of up/down.

3. Dampening and inking separated: Dampening system is separated from inking system, which can adjust dampening and inking flexibly and content the requirement of different printing items for dampening and ink.

4. Presetted counter: This machine adopts electromagnetic presetted counter. If the quantited printing work finishes, the paper feeding stops automatically.

5. Double sheets detection: It can avoid the problem such as double sheets, paper overlap and non-stop.

6. The whole machine is controlled by PLC. There are functions such as auto press, auto stop while paper jam, powder jet, steps running forward and backward.

7. II-class: There are forme 3 inking rollers and 2 forme dampening rollers