Single Color Offset Printing Machine

Basic Info

Model NO.:CY47NPPackage:Wooden Cases,Also Supply a Toolbox for Free

Origin:Shangdong, ChinaProduction Capacity:30 Set/Month

 single color offset printing machine
Main used for printing test paper, posters, flyers etc
Good printing result

single color offset printing machine
1. Main used for printing test paper, posters, flyers etc.
2. High quality

single color offset printing press are added with NP units. In addition to all the functions of single color offset presses, they also have the advantages of beautiful color and solid printing with large ink amount as second-generation offset presses. They are really multi-functional, widely applicable, and high quality printing machines.

1)Capability: Inking device of each unit has 10 ink rollers including 2 form rollers, guarentee the high precise printing quality, which can improve the efficience and reduce the cost.
2)Easily operate: Water supplying, ink supplying and platform pressing each unit can be finished at different lever with the same handle, joint pressure of printing rollers is controlled by an electric eye, which is more reliable and easy to be regulated.
3)Accurate orientation: Adopt front lay and double side pull guide orientations, also install with tune-up devices for feeding table, its side-lay, plate cylinder, and 2 units.
4)Adopt independent ink system and dampening system, can adjust feeding freely, meet various different demands of printing matters, more suitable for color printing.

5)Presetting counter: Automatically stop feeding paper once preset quantity task are completed.
6)Double detect device: Detect double sheets and muiltply sheets, and automatically elimilate double and muiltiple sheets.
7)Sprayer device: Make spraying and printing run in synchorienation, prevate printing paper from dirty.
8)More convinient for maintenance.

Main tyipical configuration:
(1)Pneumatic control
(2)Journaled front guide plate
(3)Feeding paper face height adjustment
(4)Sheet transfer plate with vacuum suction strip supplied by independent air source
(5)Side-automatic plate loader
(6)Pneumatic impression system
(7)Air compressor
(8)Air pump
(9)Operating panel step
(10)Sheet feed & delivery cart

Maximum printing area 454 × 345mm
Maximum size of Paper 470 × 365mm
PS Plate size 470 × 380mm
Rubber plate size 470 × 448mm
Paper used 28-255G/M2
Feeding method Suction, cross feed
Dampening method Molton mode
The number of ink roller 10(2 form inking rollers)
The number of dampening roller 4(1 form-damping rollers)
Registering device Wheel-type side pull guide
Printing speed 2000-8000 pages/hour
Power of main motor 1.1Kw
Power of air-pump motor 0.55Kw

Power 220V/50Hz
Size of the machine 1760 × 950 × 1340mm
Weight of the machine 910Kg
The parameters of number head
Max. Quantity of head
7*7=49(horiz-type head)
5*8=40(verti-type head)
Min. Perforate line distance
25mm(blade assemble, cross perforation)
5mm(saw blade type, vertical perforation)
Dycril plate size
90*345mm(cylinder type)
30*40mm(partial type)
Ink rollers of the NP unit
6 ink rollers(2 form ink rollers)