Three Ink Two Water Vertical Offset Press

Product Description:

Three ink two water vertical offset press cpability:
1, Water-ink head corrected; The structure changes the stamping angle from parallel press to vertical press.
2, Static electricity removed; Totally new configuration.
3, Electrical double type; New installation has better effect.
4, High speed new type splint device; Easy accessing, accurate, reliable, saving time.
5, Inclined paper and stoppage check function added; Remove paper automatically to protect the rubber roller. Stop automatically to protect it self.
6, The view window for paper collection is wide and bright; Continent and it's beautiful.
7, To improve durability of bearing, the needle roller in the paper delivering part is replaced by imported high speed bearing.
8, The air cushion rubber improves the clarity of the spot.
9, The inner quality is improved by high quality materials and high strength bolts are used in key parts.

Weifang Donghang Graphic Technology Inc