Four Colour Offset Printing Machine

Four Colour Offset Printing Machine
Product Details

Applicable target: 

medium- and large-sized printing enterprises, advertising production industry 

Applicable substrate:

Four colour prints with the thickness from 0.04-0.4 mm, especially suitable for short-length prints.

Brief Description:

Four colour offset printing machine can print typing paper, two-side offset paper, kraft paper, newsprint, coated paper, self-adhesive paper, etc. This machine is widely used in exquisite four-color overprinting.

The multi-color offset printing machine adopts instinctive functions for operation with plate cylinder cocking function and optional automatic plate mounting and demounting, automatic blanket cleaning system and ink key control system, delivering the fastest set-ups and changeovers, together with the fastest make-ready times in the industry (4-color changeovers are complete in just 3 minutes!). Additional advantages over the other similar presses include water-ink balance system, which is Donghang’s exclusive patent, exquisite printing and fastest changeover, high speed (max is 12000 pieces/hour),

resulting in waste savings up for increased productivity and supporting benefit creating for customers.

Main Characteristics:

1. This machine adopts V-shaped five-cylinder structure. Every two color stations share a double-diameter impression cylinder. Double color units are connected with two double-diameter cylinders and one tri-diameter paper transmission cylinder, which realizes four-color printing of each sheet with only seven transfers, seven transfers less compared with traditional cylinder structure, and is favorable for high-accuracy printing. Using double-diameter impression cylinder increases curvature radius of sheet during the printing process and reduces the bending of paper.

2. Double-roll and three-point eccentric shaft bearing of the rubber blanket cylinder realizes reliable clutching and stable pressure. Plate cylinder, impression cylinder and paper transmission cylinder all adopt the tapered roller bearing which completely eliminates the beating due to the gap between bearings.

3. High-strength base guarantees high-speed and efficient printing.

4. Conjugate cam driving and adjustable front guide and the swinging teeth fully guarantee continuous paper-feeding and accurate printing. 

5. Specially designed delicate durable Feeder installation, continuous paper-feeding mode and side-wheel side guide ensure fast, accurate and stable transfer of papers.

6. Pneumatic braking makes ink-clutch fast and reliable. Horizontal and vertical adjustment without power off achieves quicker and more convenient registering. 

7. Continuous alcohol-moistening mode with auxiliary roller ensures the prints bright and clear. Even if there is no alcohol employed, it can produce excellent prints.

8. The fountain roller is driven by an individual motor, and its speed can self-adjust to track the host speed, which would ensure that the water and ink still maintain a balance when the machine’s speed changes.

9. Scientifically designed floating plate roller can effectively eliminate the ghost image.

10. Auto-cleaning device for rubber blanket would run just after clicking the button.

11. This machine is equipped with continuous water-feeding device and cooling water circulation device.

12. Dirty-resistant collection wheel guarantees clear print surface.

13. Optionally configured APC auto plate-mounting system greatly reduces the time for plate-changing and registering and improves work efficiency.

14. Optionally configured ink controlling system accurately controls ink amount and is more suitable for high-quality multicolor prints.

15. Optionally configured automatic plate cocking device shortens register time and improves work efficiency. 




Max printing area



Max paper size



Min paper size



Paper thickness



Plate size



Plate thickness

0.4 (including plate liner)

Rubber blanket size



Rubber blanket liner size



Printing speed

3,000-12,000 pages/hour

Horizontal adjustment range

±2mm (front guide)

±1.5mm(plate cylinder)

Vertical adjustment range


Ink roller

16 ink rollers (including 3 forme-inking rollers)

Paper feeding


Paper feeding mode

continuous paper feeding

Water feeding mode

continuous water feeding

Max paper feeding height

500 mm

Max paper collecting height

420 mm

Main motor

5.5 KW

Air pump motor

1.1 KW

Control power

0.3 KW

Water fountain motor

0.4 KW

Lift motor

0.2 KW


7.5 KW

Main power voltage

three phase 380V/400V 50/60Hz

Power capacity

15 KVA

Machine size



Machine weight



Duplex board printing sample: